BSA-Licensed Patches

Embroidered patches by SG Trading Post are nationally recognized as some of the best values in the scouting program. Our patches are designed in Fort Wayne, IN and then manufactured in our Fort Wayne factory and Hong Kong, China. Following, the patches are express shipped directly to you. SG Trading Post includes services that many vendors consider extras, such as:

  • Each patch is professionally designed in our art department by an artist who knows your program. We show you how the patch will look before you order.
  • Every patch comes with plastic backing at no additional cost.
  • No additional charges for laser cut edge patch. (Many of our competitors add 10% to 15%)
  • Every order is a RUSH with delivery in just two weeks from artwork approval.
  • We evaluate each order for the best total cost....and then make you aware of the lowest cost option.
  • Every patch includes up to 9 different colors of thread. (Many of our competitors include only 7 colors and then charge additional for colors 8 and 9).
  • SG Trading Post will coordinate your patch to match your other program material (shirts, caps, neckerchief, etc) artwork at no additional cost.
  • No design setups cost for patch sets or complicated artwork.
  • No up charge for patch reorders.
  • Super Rush orders accepted. (Our record is new artwork to finished patches in just 8 days)
  • We take your concept, handle the artwork, licensing approvals, manufacturing and deliver to your program ON TIME - EVERY TIME.

How to Order Embroidered Patches

First determine what the program is that you are creating a patch for. Knowing how you plan to use the patch will help us create a unique design.

  • Are you marketing a camp?
  • A specific program?
  • Recognizing volunteers?
  • Creating a fund raiser for resale?
  • Making a collector set?

Pull together images from your program – logos, camp totems, mascots, photos, etc. Create a sketch of how you think the patch should display the images. Do not worry about being an artist, SG Trading Post's artist will clean up your ideas and adjust them so they may be manufactured on today’s high speed equipment.

Send your concept to SG Trading Post. Mark all correspondence “Order to be filled” or “Please Quote”. Be sure to include your contact information. Mail to SG Trading Post, PO Box 8895, Fort Wayne, IN 46898-8895 or email to ron@sgtradingpost.com. Upon arrival, we will contact you with a firm cost. Assuming that the quote is within your budget, artwork will be created and submitted to you for approval. You may change or add to the finished concept. After artwork has been approved, we will manufacture the patches and have them to you in just two weeks!

How To Size an Embroidered Patch

Size - It’s easy, just take the width + height and divide by 2. For example a patch that is 4 inches wide and 3 inches high is considered a 3.5 inch patch.

Coverage - The percent of coverage is the final variable and can be a little confusing. The coverage is a number that represents what percent of the patch is covered by embroidery thread. Most patches with logos or images are 90% or 100%. A patch with lettering only would be considered 50% to 75%. On areas that do not have embroidery thread you will normally see colored fabric called Twill. Twill can be in any color and works well as a fill for sky, water, or sunsets, etc.

Merrow edge - You may use up to 9 colors of embroidery thread in your design. You can create the appearance of one additional color by using the twill color. The stitch on the outside of the patch along the edge is called a merrow stitch. The merrow may be in any color and is not limited to the nine original colors.

Laser edge - Patches can be in about any shape – a canoe, shield, flame, arrow head, etc. Most shaped patches will be done with a “laser edge”. Laser edge patches normally do not have a colored merrow stitch.

Services that can be added at additional cost

Here are some of the options that you may wish to consider for your custom patch.

  • Button loop - Cord attached on top center of patch so patch may hang from pocket button. Add $0.10 each
  • Button hole - Hole in patch for button to hang patch from shirt. Add $0.10
  • Metallic or Mylar thread - Metal looking thread, available in gold or silver. Add $0.20 each if used in a design. Add $0.10 if used as a merrow border.
  • Additional colors of thread - Add $0.08 for each color over nine.
  • Heat Seal Backing - Can be used in place of plastic, allowing attachment to garment with a household iron. Add $0.06
  • Pressure sensitive backing - Allows one patch to be placed on top of another patch to make a set. Adhesive becomes permanent after 30 days. Add $0.15 each
  • Felt fabric - Instead of twill, add $0.15 each
  • Velveteen fabric - (Feels like suede) instead of twill, add $0.15
  • 3D Foam - Lettering may be digitized to allow for 3D lettering, foam is inserted below lettering, and then excess removed after completion. Add 25% to patch list price.
  • Key Ring - Take any patch and turn it into a key ring. Costs are based on two patches with heat seal backing and then add $0.10 for metal key ring.